Sunday, March 02, 2008

Did I ever tell you about last summer?

There are a bunch of things that happened last summer, and I never told you guys about all of them. First, my cousin Erik came over. He came to Glasgow and didn't know where I lived, so went to talk to the University. The University gave me a call, and then he came over and stayed with us for a while. While he was here, our friends Robb and Andrew came too, so we all went some places and saw some cows and a ruined castle and a river and a dam with a fish ladder (in Pitlochry). We also spent a day in Edinburgh hanging out and looking tough.

After everyone left and Heather's family came, and then they left, and September came, we realized that things were getting colder, darker, and wetter, so Heather and I went camping (near a town called Kilmahogg). In Scotland you can camp where ever you feel like camping as long as you're polite and don't scare the cows or chickens, so we camped in a ruined building of some kind up on a hill. There were sheep all around us and we could hear them all night. I think I have a recording somewhere of all the sheep, so I could post that later. Anyway, here are some pictures. As always, there are more on Heather's Photobucket site.

I learned in my yearbook class that it's bad to leave too much white space in between pictures and text, so I have to write something here.