Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yeah! Balkan Ceilidh!

In Banchory, we saw Jani (Janos) Lang & the Balkan Ceilidh band! I'm all about multicultural fusion music, and this was its acme. The band features Jani on fiddle (Irish, Balkan, Gypsy, Scandinavian, and Scottish styles). I can't find a website for the Balkan Ceilidh, but I did find a sample of one of Jani's songs that they played at the concert: The Wind that Shakes the Paprika. Jani is a funny guy as well as a fiddle genius, and his song introductions and descriptions were the other best part of the show.

Here's the site of his other Hungarian Anglo-Irish band, Fianna (where I got the audio sample, and where more of the same await you), and here's a brief profile of Jani.

Bonus: Here's a whole Fianna song: Da snock oda smaalie. Not very Balkan, though.


Kenton Finkbeiner said...

Hi everyone

Bye everyone

Xolvox_chick85 said...

Ahhhh!!! i listened to it, and I am like, "OF COURSE!!!!" I played the Yugoslavian albums for you didn't I? The ones where they went in and recorded the natives? Yay!

aurora borealis said...

that sounds fantastic, but i should probably listen to it first before i really make my decision.